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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Weird Watches

IceLink Ambassador Stainless Steel Men's Quartz Watch
Watches may come in different shapes and colors but these watches are plain weird. There are a lot of different types of watches. They help define personality and meant for different kinds of goals. Some, are clearly more normal than others.

On this post we will try to find the weirdest, ugliest and most bizarre watches there is.

This watch features six different time zones. While some people may find it very useful, Personally I think that this watch is very ugly and useless. There are not many people who actually need to know 6 different time zones all the time and I don't know who would actually get this kind of thing but I have to say that there might be a small crowd of people who might find this watch useful.

This Nemesis watch might just become your real life nemesis. It is branded as stylish and the dial looks very original but I just find it weird.

The watch itself is brown with big numbers that are written in a strange white font. this watch doesn't look horrific, however it does look a bit weird and bulky.

To top it all this is one of the first results that you get when you look on amazon for weird watches so you know that this is definitely presenting itself and a great competitor for one of the weirdest watches for a women.